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For over eleven years, Saul Marine & Co has been providing exceptional legal services to the local residential and business community.

From property law and litigation, to housing litigation, commercial litigation, employment law, personal injury and family law, Saul Marine & Co provides a range of comprehensive legal services to individuals and small to medium businesses. Saul Marine is also a qualified as a civil and commercial mediator and his experience in this field is vital to finding solutions to clients practical problems.

As a client of Saul Marine & Co you won’t need to travel to the West End or City to obtain quality legal expertise. You can be absolutely assured that you will have strong and specialist civil litigators and solicitors acting for you, who will fight your case against any adversary to the very highest standard.

Disputes can be avoided by having well drafted legal agreements but if these are not already in place, clients can rely on our expertise in disputes and dispute resolution.

As a firm, we pride ourselves on our honesty, solid principles, respect for clients and upholding the rule of law. We are thorough in our approach, offer versatility of service and provide value for money. I, together with my team (Practice Manager Helena Marine and our solicitors) sincerely look forward to welcoming you to Saul Marine & Co